When it comes to building your new Allura home, we want you to be as informed as possible. Here you'll find industry insights, trends and ideas for what to consider before starting the knockdown rebuild journey.

Allura: Welcome to your home

Businesses evolve, and having established ourselves as a knockdown rebuild expert, it is Allura’s time to reveal a new look.

The essence of our business is knocking down your old home, or one you find in a new location, and bringing a beautiful, bespoke home to life at the best address of all: yours.


Understanding building approvals

Building a new home is exciting, and after experiencing the Allura Lifesize Plans virtual walk-through where you can see your plans literally coming to life, you can truly start to imagine living in your new home.

At this point, you’re understandably keen to move forward with building as quickly as possible. However, a few crucial steps need to take place before building can get underway.


You don’t have to move – 5 reasons to knockdown and rebuild

Do you love where you live, but feel it may be time to move to a bigger, newer home? Common reasons for considering selling up include a growing family, expanding home business, or simply the need for a more functional layout.

The good news is that moving is not your only option. The best solution could be to knock down your existing home and rebuilding, with everything you want, exactly where you want it, in exactly the location you want to live.


Is a renovation really worth it?

Long gone are the days of buying the worst house on the best street for a rock-bottom price. Potential homeowners will need deep pockets to buy property in any condition in Sydney and that includes homes that are hardly fit for habitation.

Take a closer look and there is a trend emerging: buying to knockdown instead of renovate.


The Allura difference

There is no doubt that home is at the centre of things for most of us. You are thinking about building a new home, a huge undertaking. You want to make the right choice but just a quick search of the internet throws up dozens of project home builders and Boutique builders in Sydney alone, so why would you choose Allura over others?


Lifesize Plans makes home designs a reality

Building a new home is one of the most important investments you will ever make, both financially and personally. It needs to fit perfectly with your family and your lifestyle needs.

Architectural plans will only go so far in helping you to picture life in your new home. That’s why Lifesize Plans is an important part of the Allura design process. It’s a real-time, digital experience that enables you to be sure that every detail is right, that what you’ve imagined has been captured in the design.


Download our Knockdown Rebuild guide

Looking for a new home can be stressful and confusing. You may not realise that knocking down a home and rebuilding can be a viable alternative. This free guide is designed to demystify the process, and answer many of the questions you may have.